Sunday, 9 June 2013

I'm Sure My Gumboots Have Never Been That Clean

I know it has been way too long since I have written in here, and over the next little while, I hope to make up for that. I know I get annoyed when my favourite bloggers don't write for a while *cough Allie Brosh cough* so I hope no one has been too put out by my literary laziness.

I really had to write in today though because The New Zealand Woman's Day published an article about me and my beers and I really am far too excited to contain myself. Though I'm sure they must have Photoshopped the mud off my gumboots! My gumboots are pretty much guaranteed to be extremely muddy.

I also have to relay some exciting news that didn't come up in the article. My beer Mash Landing is now on tap at Malones. So I'm off there now to have a celebratory pint (or two).

Along with The 7 from our affiliate brewery Relativity. Though truth be told, I brewed that as well.

We even managed to get hand-pumped real ale on at Malones, so if you are on Waiheke and haven't been down yet, get to Malones for a pint!

I do have to go now, because the beer is calling me. I shall be back soon to tell you all about our lovely brew kitty Oswin, who spends her days hanging out at the brewery and gleefully murdering grain-hungry rats. 

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