Sunday, 24 February 2013

Auckland Beer Festival!

     It’s been a little over three months since we seriously decided to take our home brewing endeavors to the next level and become true professionals.  Alan Knight already works as the Master Brewer at Wild on Waiheke where he makes damn fine beer.

  (and has done for the last fifteen odd years), but for the rest of us, who have only ever seen our beer consumed and enjoyed by our nearest and dearest, it’s all very exciting.

     There are a lot of hoops one has to jump through to actually get set up as a brewery. We talked to the Auckland Council, but they seemed not to really know what a brewery really was or what it did. They had regulations for brothels (which are legal here) and undertakers, kitchens and jam makers, but not for breweries. So we did everything they asked us to do despite the fact that they were treating us as “food preparation”  and clearly had no idea what we should actually be doing, which is odd when you consider that New Zealand has around 60 microbreweries so this can’t be the first time it has come up.

      I know for a  fact that any brewery would be a lot more sterile than required under the Food Hygiene Act (they have guidelines for the acceptable level of rat faeces in food - when making beer than you can’t allow any). It would become infected and utterly undrinkable, but I digress.

     We went and talked to customs who wanted to sight a scarily gargantuan bond but who were happy for us to proceed. 

     And so, if all goes according to plan, The Ale Brewing Chaps, as we shall now be known, will make our debut appearance at The Auckland Beer Festival 2013

Here’s what happened last year

Yeah. Shit got crazy.

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